Retail Service Products

We are always seeking new, unique and exciting products from Canada or the United States. If you are one of these manufacturers, give us a call and we will see if your product fits into the Western Canada Market.

Garbage Bags

Respect 20/10’s
Respect 10/40’s
Respect White Kitchen Catchers 20/12’s
Leaf & Lawn – Orange 20/5’s
Klondike – Blue Bags 20/10’s

Produce Roll Bags

Printed (4 Rolls) 11”X17”
Printed (4 Rolls) 12”X17”

T-Shirt Bags

T-Shirt Shopping Bags 10″ X 14″
T-Shirt Shopping Bags 12” X 14”
T-Shirt Shopping Bags (L.d.) 15” X 18”
T-Shirt Shopping Bags (L.d.) 16” X 20”
T-Shirt Shopping Bags 18” X 22”
T-Shirt Shopping Bags (L.d.) 19” X 23”
T-Shirt Shopping Bags (L.d. – Grey) 17” X 21”
T-Shirt Thank You Shopping Bags 19” X 22”
T-Shirt Shopping Bags (L.d.-Clear) 17”X20”
T-Shirt Shopping Bags (L.d.-Clear) 15”X17”
Biodegradeable T-Shirt Bags 19”X22

(We Also Do Printed T-Shirt Bags With Company Logos)

Titan Bags

Titan Slider Freezer Bags Large, Medium
Titan Zipper Storage Bags Large, Medium, Sandwich


Ultra Brand – Lemon, Anti, Green 18/575 ml
Ultra Kleener 12/800 ml
Pine Max 12/800 ml

Zaal-Brand — Institutional, Biodegradable

Neutr-o Floor Cleaner 4/4 L
Q10 Quat Disinfectant (concentrate) 4/4 L
G2 Blue Degreaser 4/4 L
Fog Cleaner (fryer oven & grill cleaner) 4/4 L
Fresh Power Pink Hand Soap 4/4 L

Dishwasher Detergent

Lemi Shine – Hard Water Expert
Dishwasher Detergent Additive 12/341 g
Dishwasher Rinse Agent 10/250 ml
MC3 Machine Cleaner 10/210 g

Rice Vinegar/Oils

Genuine Brewed Vinegar 12/355 ml
Lite Seasoned Gourmet Vinegar 12/355 ml
Seasoned Gourmet Vinegar 12/355 ml
Genuine Brewed Vinegar 12/710 ml
Seasoned Gourmet Vinegar 12/710 ml
Organic Seasoned Vinegar 6/355 ml
Organic Rice Vinegar 6/355 ml
Basso Grape Seed Oil 12/1 L
Basso Grape Seed Oil 12/500 ml


Tapatio Hot Sauce 24/5 oz.
Tapatio Hot Sauce 12/32 oz.
Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce 9 oz, 17 oz & 28 oz.


Van Dyk’S Wild Blueberry Juice 12/500 ml

Gold Top Organics Ltd.

Organic Flax Oil 6/250 ml
Organic Hemp Oil 6/250 ml
Milled Flax Seed
Cold Milled Organic Brown Flax 12/454 g
Cold Milled Organic Gold Flax 12/454 g
Cold Milled Organic Brown Flax (berry blend) 12/454 g
Whole Seeds
Organic Pumpkin Seeds 12/227 g
Organic Flax Seeds Brown 30/454 g
Organic Flax Seeds Gold 30/454 g
Hemp Bits (shelled hemp seeds) 6/454 g
Back to Basics Organic Oats 6/1 kg
Virgin Coconut Oil 12/454 g
Virgin Coconut Oil (certified organic ANH) 6/822 g

Summerland Sweets Syrup

Raspberry 12/341 ml
Strawberry 12/341 ml
Blueberry 12/341 ml
Peach 12/341 ml
Apricot 12/341 ml
Boysenberry 12/341 ml
Saskatoon 12/341 ml
Maplapple 12/341 ml
Black Currant 12/341 ml
Loganberry 12/341 ml
Cherry 12/341 ml
Cranberry 12/341 ml
Blackberry 12/341 ml
Pear 12/341 ml
Black & Raspberry 12/341 ml

Summerland Sweets Spirited Syrups

Apricot ‘N Brandy 12/341 ml
Blueberry ‘N Brandy 12/341 ml
Peach ‘N Brandy 12/341 ml

Summerland Sweets Jams

Pumpkin Butter 12/250 ml
Coffee Jelly 12/250 ml
Plus several other specialty items available upon request

Summerland Sweets Liqueur Jams

Apricot ‘N Brandy 12/250 ml
Blueberry ‘N Gin 12/250 ml
Peach ‘N Amartetto 12/250 ml
Pear ‘N Rum 12/250 ml
Strawberry ‘N Orange Liquer 12/250 ml

Sierra Soups (Soup Mix In A Bag)

Displayer 48 Pieces
Italian Lentil 12/475 g
Country Vegetable 12/550 g
Fresno Fog Split Pea 12/468 g
Mama Sorrenti’S Minestrone 12/340 g
French Style 5 Bean 12/525 g
Tuscan Peasant 12/468 g
Black Bean Chili 12/499 g
Pasta Fagoli 12/369 g

Canned Olives

Whole Black 24/397 ml
Pitted Black 24/397 ml
Sliced Black 24/397 ml

Also Available 100’s Of Italian And Asian Items

Many other speciality items upon request
(pasta’s, tomatoes, oils, sauces, rices, etc.)

Cafe Express

Heavy wgt. Plastic Cutlery (Combo) 36 x 36/CS
Heavy wgt. Plastic Forks 36 x 36/CS
Heavy wgt. Plastic Knives 36 x 36/CS
Heavy wgt. Plastic Soupspoons 36 x 36/CS
Heavy wgt. Plastic Teaspoons 36 x 36/CS
Paper Cups – 3 OZ 30/PK x 36/CS
Paper Cups w/Handle – 4 OZ 20/PK x 36/CS
Foam Expresso Cups – 3.5 OZ 25/PK x 40/CS
Foam Cups – 7 OZ 38/PK x 24/CS
Foam Plates – 6″ 20 x 36/CS
Foam Plates – 9″ 15 x 40/CS
Foam Bowls – 12 OZ 15 x 32/CS
Plastic Cups – 7 OZ 25 x 36/CS
Plastic Cups – 9 OZ 20 x 36/CS
Foam Expresso Cups – 3.5 OZ 25/PK x 40/CS
Plastic Cups – 7 OZ 25 x 36/CS
Plastic Cups – 9 OZ 20 x 36/CS
Plastic Beer Cups Red/White – 16 OZ 10 x 48/CS
Plastic Shooter Cups – 1 OZ 30 x 36/CS
Shooter Cups – 2 OZ 20/PK x 36/CS
Plastic Wine Glasses – 5 OZ 6 x 36/CS
Milkshake Straws White/Blue 150/PK x 36/CS
Spoon Straws – 8″ 75/PK x 36/CS
Wooden Coffee Stirrers – 7″ 150/PK x 24/CS


Large Baking Cups 100/PK x 48/CS
Medium Baking Cups  125/PK x 48/CS
Paper Doilies – 10.5″ 24/PK x 24/CS
Paper Doilies – 10 x 14.5″ 15/PK x 24/CS
Parchment Paper – 42CM x 31CM 12/PK x 36/CS
Flexible Alum Foil Roll (11.8″ x 25″) 50/CS
Stationary Tape Display – 240/CS Assorted
Zipper Storage Bags – Large (15 bags) 24/CS
Zipper Storage Bags – Med. (25 bags) 24/CS
Zipper Storage – Sandwich (50 bags) 24/CS


Lavender Air Freshener Beads 24/Case
Ocean Air Freshener Beads 24/Case


Miltipupose Brush 24/Case
Vegetable Brush 24/Case
Dishwasher Brush 24/Case
Cleaning Brush 24/Case
Bottle Brush 24/Case


Lobby Broom & Dust Pan w/hdl & Hook 12C8
14L Bucket & Wringer 24/Case
812 Blue Cotton Yacht Mop 24/Case


Vista Luncheon Napkin 200/PK x 18/CS
Aluminum Pie Pans – 9″ 3/PK x 24/CS
16″ Black Platter With Dome Lid 25/CS
Aspen Easy Way Craft Paper Lunch Bag 30/PK x 40/CS

Altius Grinder Collection

Chipotle Mango Seasoning 6/ 95 gram
Sriracha Seasoning 6/100 gram
Firehouse Steak Spice 6/125 gram
Roasted Garlic & Pepper Rotisserie Seasoning 6/125 gram
Sweet Bourbon BBQ Seasoning 6/130 gram
Maple Ginger Seasoning 6/117 gram

Altius Mediterranean Collection

Mediterranean Sea Salt w/Herbs & Spices 6/176 gram
Souvlaki Seasoning 6/130 gram
Tzatziki Seasoning 6/136 gram
Greek All Purpose Seasoning 6/186 gram
Greek Chicken Seasoning 6/192 gram
Portuguese Piri Piri Seasoning 6/112 gram

Altius Just Add Yogurt

Ranch 6/200 gram
Spinach 6/140 gram
Roasted Garlic & Pepper 6/175 gram
Vegetable 6/200 gram
Sriracha 6/170 gram
Sour Cream & Dill 6/180 gram
Jalapeno Lime 6/185 gram